From April 3 through April 30th, refer a member to meet with one of our Senior Loan Officers and to show our support, we will donate either $5, $10, or $25 dollars on your behalf.

To stand in solidarity and express our commitment to assist those most in need during the recent natural disaster, the Credit Union will match donations for up to a maximum contribution of $5000 to the "Ayuda Peru” IDB Relief Fund.

Please read below for the different kinds of referrals you can make to aid us in our fundraising efforts:

Referral Donation Amounts

Mortgage Aplication


Home Equity Line of Credit



Mortgage Analysis or Debt Consolidation Appointment


Please send all referrals to and enter code #FCUPERU in the subject line to help Peru today.*

*IDB-IIC FCU will make a donation in your name to the Peru Solidarity Fund.  We advise you to mention code #FCUPERU in your one-on-one counseling session or email the referral with the code. Donation amounts depend on the type of referral made: first and investment mortgages qualify for $25, a Home Equity Line of Credit for $10, and a Mortgage Analysis or Debt Consolidation for a $5 donation. For more details, please contact