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As a cooperative, our over 9,600 members own and, through their elected representatives, control the Credit Union. Voting is based upon democratic principles, because regardless of the amount a member has in shares (savings), each member gets one vote. Thirty individuals currently serve as unpaid, volunteer officials. This cooperative spirit of members serving members, along with our service-oriented staff, is the cornerstone of our success.


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Board of Directors

Directors are volunteers elected by the members for a term of three years. The Board of Directors meets monthly to provide general direction and oversight of the Credit Union in accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act and the Rules and Regulations of the National Credit Union Administration.

  • Chair: Juan Manuel Fariña
  • Vice-Chair: María Valeria Zemborain
  • Treasurer: Christian Gómez
  • Secretary: Caroline Mariz
  • Assistant Treasurer: Sandra Darville
  • Assistant Secretary: Jorge Roldan
  • Members: Sergio Ardila, Guillermo Collich, Anne Marie Lauschus

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee seeks to improve the communication between the management team and the Board of Directors.

  • Chair: Juan Manuel Fariña
  • Vice President: María Valeria Zemborain
  • Secretary: William L. (Chip) Lusk, Jr.
  • Treasurer: Christian Gómez
  • Member: Caroline Mariz

Credit Committee

The Credit Committee is made up of five members elected for two-year terms, and five alternates designated by the Board of Directors. A group of at least three of these members meets once a week to review, in a confidential manner, loan requests that exceed the lending authority of Credit Union management or are exceptions to Credit Committee guidelines. The financial capacity and credit history of each applicant are analyzed to assure that loan payments will not overburden the member’s cash flow and that the best interests of both the member and the Credit Union will be served. The Committee also offers alternative financing options to help members solve their financial problems.

  • Chair: Jorge Aguirre
  • Vice-Chair: Francisco Rojo
  • Secretary: Monica Velasquez
  • Members: Andrea Raimondo and Patricia Nalvarte
  • Alternates: Yoel Alveo, Ruben Doboin, Daniel Fonseca, Paulo Martelli, María Valeria Zemborain

Finance Committee

The responsibility of the Financial Committee is to control the financial position of the Cooperative and to make financial recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Chair: Christian Gomez
  • Vice-Chair: Sandra Darville
  • Acting Secretary: Cindy Morgan*
  • Members: Guillermo Collich, Daniel Fonseca, Caroline Mariz, Paulo Martelli, Gregorio Pokorny, William L. (Chip) Lusk, Jr. *, Maria Eugenia García López*, Marco Paredes*, Francisco Ramon Ruiz

* Non-voting members

Member Services Committee

The role of the Member Services Committee is to monitor the products and services provided to members and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on products and services.

  • Chair:  Sergio Ardila
  • Vice-Chair:  Jorge Roldan
  • Secretary:  Maria Eugenia García-López*
  • Members:  Christian Gómez, Javier Garcia Gomez, Javier Leon, Mike Gerásimos Valianatos, María Valeria Zemborain, Anne Marie Lauschus, Caroline Mariz, William L. (Chip) Lusk, Jr. *, Marco Paredes*

* Non-voting members

Supervisory Committee

The five-member Supervisory Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for overseeing quarterly agreed-upon procedures and annual external audits and for monitoring compliance with the regulatory requirements of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). This includes selecting auditors, verifying member accounts, reviewing internal controls to assure proper compliance, responding to member complaints, and recommending procedural improvements.

  • Chair:  Martín Corredera Silvan
  • Vice-Chair: Martín Guozden
  • Secretary: Ignacio Barragán
  • Members: Ken Foley, Francisco Reyes

Member Responsibilities

Did you know that, even though you may not be a Credit Union official, you have responsibilities as a member?
The National Credit Union Administration cites these as:

  • Elect individuals to the Board of Directors and Credit Committee.
  • Participate in membership meetings.
  • Promote participation in and use of Credit Union services.
  • Repay loans as agreed.
  • Remove any official for cause.
  • Expel members for cause.
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