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  • Loan to International Employees

Provide financing to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) international employees to purchase an automobile while working outside the United States at a Country Office.

Permanent or Fixed-term IDB international employees working at Country Offices with two or more years of continuous service.

Maximum Loan
Up to 50% of employee's annual salary with a limit of $40,000.

Terms of Loan
Loan denominated and disbursed in U.S. Dollars with 7 year amortization schedule and payments in U.S. Dollars.

Interest Rate
Variable rate based on index of 1 year U.S. Treasury obligations. Your starting interest rate will be the index rate in effect at the time your loan is approved plus the required margin of 3.00%.

Rate Adjustments
The interest rate will be adjusted annually on the first day of January. Adjustments will be limited to 2.00% per year with a maximum of 6.00% over the life of the loan.

Irrevocable assignment of IDB termination benefits to the Credit Union.

Other Requirements

  • Irrevocable authorization to IDB to deduct loan payments from your salary and pay U.S. Dollars to the Credit Union.
  • Property insurance for the amount financed with Credit Union listed as loss payee.
  • Full repayment of loan if employment with the IDB is terminated.

Loan Rates

How to Apply

Please send us the following required documents:

  • Loan application with all applicable sections completed.
  • A description of the vehicle to be purchased.
  • Copy of most recent pay statement which includes deductions from salary.

Apply Online or just contact our Lending Department* to get started.

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