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We are excited to introduce a new benefit to all IDB-IIC FCU members, employees, and their immediate families (parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, spouses, partners, siblings and stepsiblings). The Member Fiscal Fitness Program (MFFP) through Money Management International (MMI) is designed to assist you in reaching your personal financial goals.

The program includes the basic services listed below. It is confidential and voluntary; the agency will never release names of those who use it without written permission.

MMI is a privately funded organization that provides personalized, confidential financial advice and education around debt, credit, money management, budgeting, and housing issues. The largest nonprofit credit-counseling agency in the country, each year MMI reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers through its counseling and education programs. Personalized financial help is available face-to-face in the 24 states where it has in-person offices, and it is available over the telephone and via the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact MMI today!

green arrowCall 1-877-349-4445 (Please mention you are an IDB-IIC FCU Member)
green arrowVisit us online at the Money Management Microsite

The agency’s services are available to you whether you are having a financial problem. Some people just call with quick credit questions or to request information on an appropriate topic. Some just want an objective look at their budget or help in reaching a particular goal, such as increased savings or buying a home. Others need help in looking at options to resolve a debt problem.

How can MMI help

Budget and Credit Counseling – This service includes a 60-90 minute session with a Certified Credit Advisor in person, by phone, or over the Internet. The agency’s staff will help you create a workable budget that balances income with expenses. They can help establish immediate and long-term financial goals. If you are having a debt problem, they will work with you to create an Action Plan with options to get out of debt.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)
- This is another way the agency helps resolve credit problems and pay down debt. When appropriate, MMI serves as an impartial intermediary negotiating with your creditors to establish a reasonable and mutually acceptable repayment plan. The lowering or waiving of interest and fees are also negotiated. Once enrolled in the DMP, you would make a single, convenient monthly deposit, and MMI disburses it to creditors on your behalf. The set-up fee and monthly fee are waived for our credit unions members, employees, and their immediate families.

Fiscal Fitness Newsletter
– This will be made available monthly to all members and employees through the website. It will be filled with timely advice on credit, debt, and money management topics.

Educational Seminars – The agency will come out to the credit union from time to time and/or conduct webinars for interested members and employees on issues dealing with credit and/or money management. We will let you know when they will take place.

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