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William L. Lusk, Jr.

State of the
Credit Union Part II​

by William L. (Chip)
Lusk, Jr., CEO
News Release: 4th Best Performing Credit Union in the United States!

Dear Valued Member,

A few weeks ago, I spoke to you about the excellence our credit union achieved in 2016 through discipline, hard work, and innovation. I am proud to announce that our excellence has been noticed by the prestigious research and financial analysis firm S&P Global Market Intelligence, which published their list of the best performing credit unions in the country for year-end 2016.

IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union recognized as 4th Best Performing Credit Union in the United States

The rankings consider important metrics, such as member and market growth, operating expenses versus operating revenue, and loan data. The bottom line is that our credit union was strong in all areas and shares the top spots with credit unions that are many times our size.

I see the ranking, which was a 25-place improvement from our 2015 rank, as a tribute to our strong member base, our hardworking team, and the support of our forward-thinking Board of Directors.



In that same spirit of looking to our future, we are in the process of reorganizing and relocating several of our departments in an effort to make them more efficient and effective for you, our members. This project has been our top priority for the past several months and I am happy to report that it is on target.

Specifically, we are relocating and improving the credit union’s Call Center and Wire Operations, with the following objectives:

  • Improve service provided over the phone.
  • Reduce wait times for members calling in to our call center.
  • Process wires more efficiently.
  • Educate members on the wire transfer request process to improve execution times.

Meet our Call Center & Wire Team:


Catalina Massignotti Lina Velasquez Elizabeth Rauenzahn Emily Moreno Lina Velasquez and Elizabeth Rauenzahn Catalina Massignotti and Emily Moreno

Catalina Massignotti
Member Services Officer

Lina Velasquez
Wire & ACH Processor

Elizabeth Rauenzahn
Wire Originator

Emily Moreno
Call Center Associate

Lina Velasquez and Elizabeth Rauenzahn

Catalina Massignotti and Emily Moreno

We believe these improvements will make the IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union an even better place to bank. We hope that you agree and will encourage your family members to join and take advantage of our strong savings rates, our low mortgage rates, and our convenient online banking solutions. As you know, once a member, always a member!

Thank you for your business, trust, and support as we continually pursue excellence. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.


William L. (Chip) Lusk, Jr.
William L. (Chip) Lusk, Jr. 
Chief Executive Officer
IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union