The New IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card

The New IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card

Low APR, Cash Back Rewards, Travel Benefits

The IDB-IIC FCU is proud to introduce the new Visa Platinum Credit Card, a card that combines money-saving introductory offers with powerful cash back rewards, and extensive travel insurance benefits. It’s a card designed specifically for you, our member.

Introductory 0% APR* Introductory 0% APR for 6 months; 9.50% - 18.00% variable APR after that*

That’s right, our new Visa Platinum Credit Card comes with a 0% intro APR* on purchases for the first 6 billing cycles. It’s just like paying cash for your purchases – you won’t pay a penny in interest for the first 6 months.

Our Visa Platinum Credit Card also offers a 0% intro APR* on balance transfers for the first 6 billing cycles, 9.50% - 18.00% variable APR after that. You will be able to transfer your other high-interest credit card balances and save some money!

Cash Back Rewards Cash Back Rewards

There’s no better reward than cash, so the IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum offers 1% cash back** on all purchases applied to your monthly balance.

Impressive Travel Insurance Benefits

Impressive Travel Insurance Benefits

Traveling is already stressful and costly when things go smoothly, so when things go wrong, you’ll be happy to have the IDB-IIC FCU Platinum Visa in your wallet. It’s designed to be a traveler’s best friend, with benefits that provide peace of mind and could save you a lot of money. Here are just a few of the free travel insurance benefits*** the Platinum Visa boasts:

A vital benefit when renting a vehicle, this covers automobile rentals made with your Visa Platinum, providing reimbursement for damage due to collision or theft of the rental vehicle, including tow services. For instance, if you don’t have personal auto insurance, this covers your rental. And if you do have auto insurance that covers any damage or theft of the rental vehicle, this covers your deductible, so your out-of-pocket cost could be zero. Best of all, the benefit extends throughout the U.S. and most foreign countries.

When you pay for a U.S. or Canadian hotel or motel room with the Visa Platinum Card, you’ll be eligible for a one-time payment of up to $1,000 for personal property stolen from your room. The insurance covers the replacement value of your items, or their depreciated value if you choose not to replace them, and is good for the duration of your stay.

What traveler hasn’t suffered the frustrations of lost luggage? Our Visa Platinum can really help, with a reimbursement of up to $1,250 per trip. The benefit covers the difference between the value of your luggage and its contents and the amount the carrier reimburses you. The coverage extends to licensed carriers on land, sea and in the air – i.e., planes, trains and cruise ships are all covered. Bon voyage!
With the IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum you could receive up to $200,000 in death and dismemberment insurance when you book a carrier fare to your card. The coverage is valid for carrier accidents that result in death or injuries.
Having an airline cancel a flight or being unable to make a flight due to family illness is frustrating enough without the financial loss, so the IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum protects you with a benefit of up to $2,000.

Getting delayed away from home can add up quickly: hotels, meals, incidentals... But with the IDB-IIC FCU Visa Platinum, getting stuck will sting a little less thanks to the Trip Delay insurance that reimburses you, your spouse (or domestic partner), and your unmarried dependent children up to $300 per trip, per ticket if delayed more than 12 hours. It can turn a bad situation into a vacation extension.


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*Rates, terms, and conditions based on your creditworthiness and subject to change without notice. Annual fee is $19.00. If you are charged interest, the minimum finance charge will be no less than $0.00.
**For more information see
Terms and Conditions.
***Travel insurance benefits subject to terms and conditions. Visit our Guide to Card Benefit for full details.